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Complete title insurance policies
Short form insurance policies

Title searches

Environmental searches

Full escrow services

Data trace services

Professional closing services

Document preparation services

Mortgage foreclosure commitments

New construction

1031 Exchange

Tax Appeals

Complete Title Insurance Policies
Title policies go through a vigorous search and examination process with the help of our professional staff. Through our turnkey process we obtain two types of insurance policies, an owner's and a mortgage policy. Before a policy is issued, it becomes a report or a commitment. This commitment states the deed holder's (owner's) identity and any outstanding liens, encumbrances and other defects which might affect the title of the property. This information is very important to you and will be used as a guideline to fulfill all requirements to convey clear title. Upon completion of all requirements, a closing will take place. After the closing, a final policy department will issue a title insurance policy. This policy sets out the new ownership, if any, and incorporates all other changes which took place up to the date of closing. Separate policies are written to protect the interests of both the property owner and the lender.

Title insurance policies are a contract of "indemnity". The policy will protect you against any hidden title hazards for as long as you own the property. Remember that the title process has many potential pitfalls that can go wrong that can affect clear title to the property, like clerical mistakes in the public records, previously undisclosed heirs with claims against the property, and a forged deed that transfers no title to real estate. That is why you need for us to find you a title company that has the experience, knowledge and financial backing of Fidelity Commercial Services. We can help you fix past title defects and secure your most important investment for the future.

Short Form Insurance Policies
Fidelity Commercial Services also obtains the ALTA Short Form Policy. The Short Form Policy is a simple tool which mortgage lenders can use to save time and money. Just amend your closing instructions to require the use of the Short Form Title Policy for single family residential mortgages and let us do the rest.

The Short Form Policy is a one-page condensed version of the standard title policy, showing only the information required by ALTA. It can be issued at the time of closing and does not provide recording information concerning the insured mortgage. You could have many benefits and savings just by amending your closing instructions to use the Short Form Title Policy. You no longer have to wait for the final loan policy with the recording information. The recorded mortgage with the information is returned to you by the county Register of Deeds.

If you are interested and want to learn more about this policy, please give as a call at (248) 642-1115.

Title Searches
A title search is a very basic approach of disclosing what's on record for a specific piece of property. It includes a complete check on the property to the present day or effective date. This type of service is used for informational purposes only. Please note, we can not insure the examining work provided in this specific service.

This search will provide you with current real estate property taxes, any special assessments, any federal or state tax liens and the presumed deed holder to the property. Please do not try to use this information in place of a title policy. You are not receiving any title insurance, and it holds no grounds in a court of law.

Environmental Searches
An environmental search is issued only for zoned commercial or industrial property. It's a 50(+) year compilation of recorded documents called an abstract of title. The search is done by accumulating all recorded documents from the county, organizing each recorded document by date, examining the work, and checking the chain of title.

If you are interested in learning more about an environmental search, please call our president, Harry S. Ellman, at (248) 642-1115.

Full Escrow Department
An escrow is an arrangement in which a disinterested third party, called an escrow agent or holder, holds legal documents and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller and distributes them according to the buyer's and seller's instructions.

Fidelity Commercial Services is a licensed escrow holder, which can securely hold deeds, funds and other important legal documents on behalf of the buyer and seller. Our escrow officers are experienced and trained in real estate procedures for deeds, taxes and title insurance. If you're looking for professional escrow services to obtain approvals from the buyer on the title insurance report and pest and other inspections; disburse funds for title insurance, recordation fees, real estate commissions, and lien clearances; gather deeds and loan documents for the records; and close the escrow transaction, Fidelity Commercial Services has the experience to do all that and more.

Ask us about the interest-bearing escrow account that we can set up for you through our lending institution. We offer this service for certain transactions that are in some type of litigation during the title process transaction.

For more information, contact Harry Ellman at (248) 642-1115.

Mortgage Foreclosure Commitments
A mortgage foreclosure commitment is technically just a search with information contained in a regular title commitment. A search fee is charged at the time of issue, for which a credit may be given against the premium if a policy is ordered through FCS.

Fidelity Commercial Services obtains Mortgage Foreclosure Commitments as a courtesy to our lender customers without charging an expensive fee for the service. These commitments include a complete search of the property, stating any open mortgages, tax liens, divorces, etc. We can provide copies of all documents, upon request. We are a service oriented company that takes pride in the work we provide to our customers. For more information, contact our President and General Counsel, Harry S. Ellman, at (248) 642-1115 or e-mail him at .

New Construction
In conjunction with insuring construction mortgages by our alliance partners, Fidelity Commercial Services will supply sworn statements and waivers to lenders and contractors. Our alliance partners give construction lien protection during the course of construction or shortly after construction on improvements of the insured land. Whether you're a lender, contractor or subcontractor, our job is to make sure that each party's needs are safely met. If you're in the construction business or a lender dealing with builders, our construction draw process is quick and easy. We have a manual and set procedures that we abide by to make each draw process simple to perform. If your draw request is in order, you can expect a draw authorization within 24 to 48 hours after our receipt of your draw package.

For more new construction information, contact our President and General Counsel, Harry S. Ellman at (248) 642-1115 or e-mail him at .

Data Trace Services
Through the Data Trace computer service, we are able to facilitate an update of your title commitment at the time of closing. This service gives lenders and buyers safety, knowing that if there were any changes or liens made of record from the time the title commitment was examined to the day of closing, it will be picked up from the Data Trace Computer Search System.

Document Preparation Services
Fidelity Commercial Services has the capability to prepare and assist you with all the necessary documents for any type of transaction related to the real estate industry. Our processing department can draft warranty deeds, quick claim deeds, and land contracts; complete closing packages with both buyer and seller settlement statements; prorate taxes and rent; and prepare a final closing statement for each party indicating amounts to be disbursed for services and any further amounts necessary to close escrow. A Source and Application of Funds Statement customized to your transaction will be provided at the closing.

With software designed specifically for our needs, we can successfully get you where you need to be in your transaction. If you need a title company to give you correct documentation in a timely fashion, Fidelity Commercial Services is your solution.

Professional Closing Services
Our closing department works hand in hand with the processing department of our strategic partners. Our professional closers are capable of closing all types of transactions. If you're looking for a company that you can rely on and that keeps ahead of its competition, we're the title company for you. We have received many letters from satisfied buyers and sellers over the years and welcome your business.

Upon request, Fidelity Commercial Services will close at your location. Please call us for details.

1031 Exchange
Using qualified intermediaries or facilitators, we are able to offer this unique tax deferral service to our customers. Along with Fidelity Commercial Services services, this team offers more than just financial security, we offer experience and knowledge in title insurance and escrow services which make up a very important part of this transaction.

A 1031 Exchange is an exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business or investment for other "like kind" property. This exchange benefits any taxpayer who has recognizable gains in qualifying property on which he or she will pay capital gains tax. We strongly suggest you consult with your tax advisor to determine the actual tax benefit to you. If you are interested in this unique service, please feel free to contact our President and General Counsel, Harry S. Ellman, at (248) 642-1115 or e-mail him at .




Tax Appeals
Our general counsel, Harry S. Ellman, has been a member of the State Bar of Michigan for over 35 years is well aligned with the best tax appeal attorneys in the state. Upon request, FCS will hire the best attorney to reduce your real property taxes.

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