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FSBO, For Sale By Owner, Document, FormFOR SALE BY OWNER


Attached are sample forms with explanations prepared by Fidelity Commercial Services that are commonly used or are necessary when you sell your home. Also attached is a sample closing package. Our purpose in preparing this package is to provide a simulated closing package for your review, and the sale represented by these papers is a fictional closing. Any relation to any other closing is completely coincidental. For your closing, the figures or layout of the papers may change.

Print out these documents OR Stop by our office to pick up a complete package that includes a Discount Coupon, and get a “For Sale By Owner” yard sign ($50 deposit required).

  1. Services Provided by Fidelity Commercial Services - PDF
  2. Buy and Sell Agreement - PDF
  3. Addendum to Sales Agreement – Use for any changes to the original Buy and Sell Agreement - PDF
  4. Contingency of Sale of Purchaser’s Residence (72 Hour Clause) - PDF
  5. Escrow Agreement – Earnest Money Deposit - PDF
  6. FHA /HUD Inspection - PDF
  7. Tax & Other Proration Items Explanation - PDF
  8. Seller’s Disclosure Questions & Answers - PDF
  9. Seller’s Disclosure Statement - PDF
  10. Lead Based Paint Disclosure – Necessary for properties built prior to 1978 - PDF
  11. Lead Based Paint Flyer – Must be provided with Disclosure - PDF
  12. Sale with Buyer Obtaining a New Mortgage Information Sheet - PDF
  13. The Loan Application requirements breakdown - PDF
  14. Sale with Cash or Land Contract Closings - PDF
  15. Payoff Authorization form for obtaining payoff of currently held mortgage(s)/land contracts - PDF
  16. Title Insurance Order Form - link or PDF
  17. What is a Title Policy? Information sheet - PDF
  18. Title insurance rate schedule – Calculated based upon every thousand of sale price - PDF
  19. Closing Costs Guidelines - PDF
  20. Sample Closing Statement - PDF
  21. Sample Water/Sewer Escrow Agreement - PDF
  22. Sample Occupancy Escrow Agreement - PDF
  23. Utilities Checklist - PDF
  24. Preparing Your Home For Sale - PDF

Please take the time to thoroughly read all information provided prior to calling Fidelity Commercial Services at (248) 642-1115

Fidelity Title Company, Bingham Farms, MI
28470 W. 13 Mile Road, Suite 325 - Map
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 642-1115, (248) 642-0935 Fax

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